Fay Engineering CLE accredited course in YOUR office. We’ll even bring lunch!

Evidence Preservation, Analysis and Presentation:   Focuses on data to be collected and preserved following an accident, including physical data, electronic data, and photographs.

Photogrammetry: Accurately measuring and recreating a 3-dimensional scene or object using photographs and methods for taking photographs that are useful for measurements.

Current Technology Awareness and Early Case Evaluation:    Current and emerging technologies in the field of automotive accident reconstruction.  Attorneys need to be familiar with this technology to properly represent their clients involved in motor vehicle litigation.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:   Sources and factors that lead to CO poisoning, "the silent killer."  Learn proper testing and evaluation methods used to determine factors responsible in CO incidents.  Carbon monoxide poisoning prevention.

Technology Rulebook for Busy Attorneys:   End your frustration with electronic devices.  Learn the simple rules they all follow, and master phones, copiers, keyboards, and more!

Investigating Fire: Arson:   Apply NFPA 921 to fire and arson investigations. Take a closer look at aspects of suspicious fires.