• Your claim cannot be left to chance.

  • The smallest detail can tell the whole story.

  • From the ashes, we find the answers.

  • Because your business happens out here.

Accidents Explained, Since 1971.

For nearly 50 years, our clients have relied on us for unbiased answers to explain what happened after all manner of accidents.  They look to us to piece together the facts that tell the whole story and get to the truth.  They expect clear and concise expert explanations and testimony that brings closure.

 We pursue the truth.

Our highly-skilled engineers specialize in thorough examinations, exhaustive analysis, and critical thinking. 

We take on mountains of police and witness reports, damaged evidence, photos, surveys, and more to distill what’s important to each case. 

We find the answers no one else would, and we know when the answers just can’t be found. When the situation warrants it, we pride ourselves on giving scientifically accurate bad news.


Let us help you think like an engineer, make sense of the chaos, and get to the truth of your case.

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