Fay Engineering

Engineered From the Start

After decades of reconstructing accidents, we know that a rapid response leads to rapid resolution. 

We applied that expertise into a smartphone application that takes the guess work

out of handling commercial motor vehicle accidents for your drivers and for your claims team.  

AccidentPlan is all of your best crash management practices, with a supercharger.

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How it Works

Smart phone technology guides the driver step-by-step

 through the challenges of navigating an accident scene.

Immediately notifies the motor carrier when an accident has occurred. 

Helps a driver gather and store vital accident scene information. 

Creates a thorough, detailed  accident report.

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Online Training

Learn proper protocol for collecting all necessary information.

Understand effective accident scene conduct.

Access training any time from any smart device.

Keep drivers on the road, not in a classroom.

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Custody and control of your crash scene data.

Control the narrative, control the claim.

Immediate response to critical events.

Rapidly delivers invaluable risk information.

Provides detailed reports for investigation and claims.

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