Exhibits that explain your case.
Fay Engineering guides clients through the selection and development of courtroom visuals. Our engineers and In-House Graphics Department work together to create displays that clearly and accurately represent the findings of the investigation and analysis.
Still displays can be mounted to a firm backing for easy presentations in depositions, settlement conferences, and courtrooms. Individual images from these displays can be placed in a binder so that the jury can refer to them during deliberations.
  • Aerial layout
  • Driver paths on an aerial layout
  • Visually depicting vehicle conditions
Video: animations, simulations

Most courtroom videos are a combination of animations and simulations that show the event in motion.

Fay Engineering will guide you through the selection and development of your visuals. Every case is different and visuals should be developed for the analysis of your case to illustrate the facts, based on your budget and the complexity of the event. Video displays are developed by Fay Engineering's in-house graphics department under the direction of the lead engineer and Patrick Fay, the Director of Graphics. Our engineer and director of graphics work together, to clearly and accurately represent the findings of the engineering investigation and analysis.