Current Technology Awareness and Early Case Evaluation

The seminar outlines current and emerging technologies in the field of automotive accident reconstruction.

Attorneys need to be familiar with this technology to properly represent their clients involved in motor vehicle incidents and litigation.  

An awareness of these technologies will help attorneys ensure that relevant evidence is collected and preserved after a crash event to protect their clients from spoliation claims.  They may also need this information to substantiate such claims against opposing parties.   Federal and state laws related to electronic data ownership are also presented.  An overview of certifications available for technicians who obtain the many types of data currently available from ECM's, EDR's, PCM's, VORAD and other electronic information sources is presented so that attorneys can be properly versed regarding the accepted methods by which foundational data is collected.  The seminar contains an overview of several video based event recorder systems as many different systems were recently purchased and implemented in various municipalities with post 9-11 monies.  Ways in which these types of information are used by accident reconstruction and vehicle dynamics experts are presented as well as ways in which current and emerging technologies can be used to streamline early case evaluation.  This allows claims to be resolved in a timely manner, or, if litigated, ensures that necessary evidence has been preserved and incorporated in the evaluation and development of the case.