A passing maneuver leads to a fatal crash.

The driver of a semi-truck with two dirt hauling trailers slowed to make a left turn onto a narrow bridge over a canal and was struck on the left front wheel by an overtaking pickup driven by an impatient driver who had begun a high speed pass at the same time the truck started to turn. Both vehicles went into the canal and the driver and passenger of the pickup were killed.

Fatal Passing Maneuver Driver’s View

The truck was being followed by a similar truck with two trailers and a third vehicle. The driver of the passing vehicle attempted to make a maneuver that was impossible to do safely because it was not possible to see the turn signal of the turning truck or to know why the truck was slowing. The driver of the truck could not see the approaching pickup in the mirror that was no longer directed to the rear after the start of the turn and believed the oncoming lane was being occupied by the oncoming traffic that had passed. He was unaware of the pickup until the impact occurred.

Fatal Passing Maneuver Overhead View

The visualization of the accident provided a visual data base that correlated the motions of the vehicles and provided the actual views of the drivers and revealed that the witness driver of the third vehicle was unable to see the truck when it initiated its turn and mistakenly believed that the pickup had begun to pass before the truck initiated its turn.

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