Fay Engineering's In-House Graphics department develops images, movies and interactive tools for case presentation.

Most of the time, the results of forensic investigations are presented to others - partners, opposing attorneys and experts, mediators, judges and juries, to name a few. Fay Engineering pioneered many visual methods for analysis and presentation of evidence and reconstruction. In the 1970's, RJ Fay began using aerial photography as a tool for both measuring and presenting accident scenes.

Our In-House Graphics team brings your project to life with images, movies and interactive tools that help everyone understand what happened. Our visuals are "Self-Authenticating" - that is, they allow people determine for themselves if they are accurate and truthful.

We gladly offer to review every case, free of charge, for potential graphics development. Some need very little, while others require substantial visual content. We have found that the process of developing graphics for a case causes questions to be answered that would never otherwise have been asked. Many a case has taken a new turn as a result of graphics development effort.

Selected Works: 

Fay Engineering's In-House Graphics team captures human motion for use in accident reconstructions and worker's comp cases