Fay Engineering's In-House Graphics team captures human motion for use in accident reconstructions and worker's comp cases

Fay Engineering uses Human Motion Capture (MOCAP) to add the movements of people to our 3D visuals. MOCAP is a digital technology that records a person’s actions in a computer file. Offering significant advantages over video, mocapped motion can be viewed from any angle within a 3D environment and subjected to force and velocity analysis.

Fay Engineering uses a portable MOCAP system, allowing us to capture motion almost anywhere, indoors or out. We can capture motion at the accident location to re-enact the exact action at the exact place it occurred. If the exact location is not available, expensive to reach, or would be unsafe, we can record the motion at our office or storage yard and superimpose it on photos or video taken at the actual location.

Since 2006, Fay Engineering has used Human Motion Capture for the analysis and representation of people in motion. Motion Capture (Mocap) uses an electronic system to record a person's movements into a computer. This digital recording can be used to animate a human model within a 3D environment. With its ability to record nuances of balance, dexterity and timing, Mocap provides a reliable method for objective forensic evaluation of human movement.

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