Let Fay Engineering help with your case.

Document the Facts:  Our engineers travel to the scene of the accident and carefully document the location and the physical evidence. Involved vehicles and structures are examined and any relevant evidence is documented.

Secure the Evidence:  If requested, we can take possession of the physical evidence. We can provide safe storage of evidence, from vehicle light bulbs or ECMs to securing an entire vehicle at our facility.

Preserve Electronic Data:  We have the hardware and software for every engine manufacturer. We also have the resources to electronically download the airbag modules, ECMs, PCMs, EDRs, VORAD and other data retaining devices from nearly every type of vehicle.

Reconstruct the Event: Our engineers  work with the facts and data gathered from the scene, the vehicle exams, police reports, photos, and electronic downloads including airbag downloads and diesel engine downloads. They apply the principles of physics, scientific methods and the latest analytical tools.

Help You Understand What Happened:  The reconstruction by the engineer will allow the client to easily see the events that took place prior to, during, and following the crash.

Present a Clear Visualization:  When the time comes to make your case in an arbitration or a litigation, our firm can provide what you need.  From an aerial-based layout to a sophisticated computer animation, our graphics are based solely on the facts and the physics.  Our engineers are experts in their fields, well versed and experienced in courtroom presentation.  They work closely with our in-house graphics department to make sure your visualization correctly depicts what occurred.

Explain What Happened:  When the time comes to make your case in arbitration or in litigation, webring events to life through the integration of 3D computer graphics andsimulations, photos, video and human motion capture. Fay Engineering pioneered the use of aerial photos in vehicle accident and fire analysis, andreal time visualizations in vehicle accident reconstruction. Our engineers work directly with our In-House Graphics Department to make sure your visualization accurately portrays the findings. Our engineers are prepared to support their opinions in the courtroom.
Let Fay Engineering help explain your accident.