What Are the Options for Visuals to Use in My Case?

What are the options to use visuals in my case?

Stills: diagrams and images

Still displays can be mounted to a firm backing for easy presentations in depositions, settlement conferences, and courtrooms. Individual images from these displays can be placed in a binder so that the jury can refer to them during deliberations.

Aerial layout

Driver paths on an aerial layout

Visual depicting vehicle conditions


Video: animations, simulations

Most courtroom videos are a combination of animations and simulations that show the event in motion. Click here to read the differences between Animations, Simulation and Visualizations.


When should I use a video display?

Video displays are used to show progression of events rooted in time.  HVE, a physics based simulation program, is often used in the analysis and a video is a byproduct of the simulation. HVE Simulation.


When should I use a still display?    

Utilize still image displays to emphasize specific information.   They often describe an event or process in a "storyboard" fashion, include key photographs, or list pertinent points, specific moments in time, or conditions important to the case. Courtroom Displays.


What if I don't know what I need?

Fay Engineering will guide you through the selection and development of your visuals. Every case is different and visuals should be developed for the analysis of your case to illustrate the facts, based on your budget and the complexity of the event. Video displays are developed by Fay Engineering's in-house graphics department under the direction of the lead engineer and Patrick Fay, the Director of Graphics. Our engineer and director of graphics work together, to clearly and accurately represent the findings of the engineering investigation and analysis. See our Featured Projects.


Do all cases need video displays?

No, but all cases benefit from visuals.  Video displays can be developed for any type of case, however some cases just don't warrant the resources.  We have found that video displays help to clarify complex cases containing many different facets making the specifics more readily understandable.


Can you evaluate the opposing expert's animations, simulations, or visualizations?

Yes.  Due to our expertise in developing animations, simulations, or visualizations, we have the knowledge and understanding to critique their product. 



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