When a crane truck impacts a pedestrian bridge and puts a 3” dent in the bottom member, no one is pleased! Fortunately, an economical repair was developed and implemented that lessened the consequences to all involved parties!
Given the configuration of the pedestrian bridge, stresses in the bottom member were found to be relatively low and even within an acceptable range when the most severely damaged bottom portion of the bottom member was excluded from the analysis.
Utilization of heat to try to straighten the bottom member was considered but was not used because the customer wanted the bottom member to be completely straight with no visible distortions.  A bent cover plate solution was developed and implemented to produce a straight, finished product.   
Existing welds and bolted connections were inspected and supplemented with new welds as needed.  The existing ceiling was damaged beyond repair and had to be removed and replaced. 
With over 40 years of experience in the evaluation, analysis and repair of distressed building structures, Fay Engineering is uniquely qualified to be a key contributor on your next structural loss.
Impact with pedestrian bridge.
Damaged support member
Section of added bent plate and new ceiling. 
Ceiling view. 


Added bent plate side view.
So, when something puts a dent, crack or hole in your insureds’ building, give Carl Mangone at Fay Engineering a call.