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Fay Engineering was founded in 1971 to provide forensic engineering analysis, computer graphics, and testing for the legal, risk management and insurance professions. Fay Engineering has earned a reputation for providing scientifically accurate accident reconstructions. We use proven engineering and scientific methods, combined with human behaviors, data and graphics to help explain accidents in a clear, concise and accurate manner. We discover the facts and put them in order within the laws of physics. We work with all four dimensions of space and time to create scientifically accurate visualizations of scene and event data.

We work with integrity and we pursue the truth in all of our forensic investigations. We do not manipulate the facts—we allow the facts to suggest the methodology to explain an accident.

From forensic scene investigation to results presentation for the courtroom, Fay Engineering’s staff uses the latest analytical methods including simulations with HVE and animations in 3DS MAX that help attorneys and their clients evaluate their cases. Our goal is to help clients avoid excessive litigation costs, and achieve successful settlements and successful verdicts.

Our clients are the most valued, vital aspects of what we do. We work diligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first. We help our clients answer the important questions of Who, What, When, Where and How so they can evaluate their cases and determine a course of action. We are successful when our clients are successful.

Fay Engineering
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