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Automotive Engineering

Richard J. Fay
M.S., P.E.


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Richard Fay has extensive experience vehicle dynamics and vehicle crash reconstruction. He applies his knowledge of vehicle dynamics and simulation to the reconstruction of vehicle accidents. He is involved in the application of human digital modeling and human motion capture in the analysis of accident situations.
He pioneered in the use of aerial photography and the use of real time simulations in the reconstruction and visualization of vehicle accident situations. Richard Fay is the author of many peer reviewed papers in the field of vehicle dynamics, computer simulation and accident reconstruction. He uses the communication skills developed as an engineering educator in conjunction with 2D and 3D computer graphics to aid in the presentation of complex subjects to non-technical audiences. Richard was prominent in the evaluation of the application of accident reconstruction and simulation software. He has decades of extensive trial experience and has served clients across the US including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, as well as Canada and Mexico.

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Ric D. Robinette
M.S., P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ric Robinette is experienced in automobile, public transportation, and mechanical engineering design. His specialtiesinclude vehicle accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, and failure analysis. He is an ACTAR accredited accident reconstructionist and is experienced in the design and manufacture of passenger and commercial vehicles.
Ric provides consulting engineering and forensic analysis for vehicular, transportation, and mechanical systems involved in criminal and civil actions, evaluation of causation of accidents, and development of expert opinions. He has provided the primary engineering reconstruction services for more than 2,000 vehicle accident cases.

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Structural Engineering

Carl F. Mangone
P.E., M.S.

Civil and Structural Engineer

Carl Mangone is experienced in structural analysis and renovation of commercial and residential structures and foundation systems. He has performed analysis and design for steel, concrete, masonry, and wood construction, with both static and dynamic loadings. He is experienced in structural failure analysis and repair methods, and has extensive knowledge of ANSI, UBC, IBC, AISC, ACI and NDS codes.
Carl is a specialist in structural failure analysis, and site drainage evaluations and improvements. He analyzes wind, tornado, hail, hurricane, and earthquake damage as well as fire, frozen pipes, malfunctioning sprinkler systems, construction related accidents, and structural collapse. He performs roof evaluations and assesses vibration damage, and product related damage from construction or materials failure.

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Fire and Explosion

Randolph J. Harris

B.S.Ch.E., C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I.

Fire and Explosion Expert

Randolph Harris is a seasoned fire investigator with more than 40 years of professional experience. Mr. Harris has investigated more than 2,500 incidents. Mr. Harris has been called as an expert witness in more than 140 cases involving fire, arson and explosion investigations, laboratory testing and analysis, carbon monoxide poisoning and chemical engineering.
Randolph Harris has handled numerous subrogation and product liability cases. In addition to his fire experience, Mr. Harris is a specialist in carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosions. In his career, he has investigated and analyzed fires with diverse cause and origins.

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Computer Graphics

Patrick M. Fay
B.S., C.S.

Director of Graphics

Patrick Fay directs Fay Engineering’s In-House Graphics Department. He and his team of specially trained professionals create visuals that are accurate and easy to use and understand. His team creates innovative forensic animations, event simulations, and interactive presentations for courtroom and jury room use.
With more than 20 years of computer science experience, he understands the application of modern digital processes, including data acquisition, analysis, transmission and storage that are at the heart of Fay Engineering. His methods facilitate the analysis and presentation of data making it possible to bring events to life using simple user interfaces.  

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