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Expert Witness Testimony

Engineers Don't Rely on Speculation—Neither Should You.

When an accident case ends up in arbitration or litigation,  a straightforward incident can often present complex issues in determining cause and fault.

Our accident reconstruction engineers formulate their opinions on facts, precision techniques, controls, and methodologies based on generally accepted industry principles.

But their talents don’t end there. Our experts communicate complex findings in a clear, concise manner that helps juries understand what happened.

When the time comes to make your case, we bring events to life through the integration of 3D computer graphics. We provide simulations, photos, video and human motion capture. The process is managed in partnership with the engineers and our in-house graphics department, led by a certified Trial Director 6 trainer. 

We have been doing this a long time. Fay Engineering pioneered the use of aerial photos in vehicle accident and fire analysis, as well as the use of visualizations in vehicle accident reconstruction.

There’s a good chance your opponent has an expert in the wings. Get out ahead and let us get started on your case.
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