Fay Engineering

In-House Graphic Services

​Bring the Case to Life For Greater Understanding

Working closely with the engineers on your case, our in-house graphics team brings your project to life with images, movies and interactive tools that help everyone understand what happened.

We know that every case is different. Taking into consideration the client’s budget and complexity of the case, we guide our clients through the selection and development of courtroom visuals that clearly and accurately represent the findings of the investigation and analysis.

We gladly offer to review every case, free of charge, for potential graphics development. 

We have found that the process of developing graphics for a case causes questions to be answered that would never otherwise have been asked. Many a case has taken a new turn as a result of graphics development effort.

Our services include:

    • Video Analysis
    • 3D Computer Visualization
    • Human Motion Capture
    • Drone Photography
    • Interactive Courtroom Exhibits
    • Opposition Graphics Analysis
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