Patrick M. Fay, B.S.C.S.

Director of Graphics

Patrick Fay directs Fay Engineering’s In-House Graphics Department. He and his team of specially trained professionals create visuals that are accurate and easy to use and understand. His team creates innovative forensic animations, event simulations, and interactive presentations for courtroom and jury room use.
With more than 20 years of computer science experience, he understands the application of modern digital processes, including data acquisition, analysis, transmission and storage that are at the heart of Fay Engineering. His methods facilitate the analysis and presentation of data making it possible to bring events to life using simple user interfaces.
Patrick has successfully completed the inData TrialDirector 6 Certified Trainer Program; including 20 or more hours of education, written exams, and presentation involving the integration of litigation text, audio, and video and TrialDirector and qualifications required to be a TrialDirector 6 Certified Trainer.

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Fay University

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