58-Second Skid Mark Challenge, Chapter 1

Welcome to the Fay Engineering Skid Mark Challenge!

Test your accident reconstruction skills. This challenge is designed to inform and entertain simultaneously. We hope you enjoy it. 

How to Play

We colored each tire on this SUV differently so you can see which tire makes each skid mark. The challenge is to figure out which set of colored marks is correct.

1. Compare the SUV with colored tires to images A, B and C below

2. Determine your answer, then click image A, B or C

3. Click View the Solution! to see a movie explaining everything

Here's a hint: One tire lifts up during the slide and does not leave a mark.

Click A, B or C

Compare these three images to the SUV with colored tires above. When you've got the answer, click on A, B or C below to find out if you're right.

Sorry! Answer A is not correct. Please try again!
Sorry! Answer B is not correct. Please try again!
Congratulations, answer C is correct! Click "View the Solution!" below