Helping it all Make Sense
Lawyers from the Denver area and as far away as Casper, WY came to the First Annual Trucking 101 to get their hands dirty and learn about commercial vehicles from the experts at Fay Engineering.
Our live CLE-accredited course included five learning stations all focused on different commercial vehicle systems: general overview including pre-trip inspections, interior of cab & operation, electronic data, brakes, and fire cause and origin.
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Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety: Regulations and Daily Inspection
Vehicle inspection issues frequently play a part in litigation concerning commercial vehicles. This course teaches a method of inspecting tractor trailer combination units. Lawyers  benefit from this course by seeing each important vehicle component and learning what the truck driver should inspect each day before driving. As each topic is covered, the pertinent 49 CFR regulations become available.

Taught by  Norris Hoover and Ric Robinette M.S., P.E.

Engine Control Modules and Crash Data Retrieval
Federal and state laws related to electronic data ownership are also presented.  An overview of certifications available for technicians who obtain the many types of data currently available from ECM's, EDR's, PCM's, VORAD and other electronic information sources is presented so that attorneys can be properly versed regarding the accepted methods by which foundational data is collected. 

Taught by Adam Michener M.S., P.E.

Brakes: An in depth look at truck brakes.  

  • Brakes Principle Components
  • Visual Inspection
  • Basic Operation
  • Slack Adjusters
  • Brake Chambers
  • Supply System

Taught by John D. Scott P.E.

Contact us to revieve notifications about next year's class: Stephen Schott (303) 333-5209